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Texas picking road trip BTS + Midwest Mid-century collection reveal! (finally)

It's only been a couple of months yet the world has literally changed since my road-trip to Texas! While it was my intention to finish this collection sooner, it was also important to pay attention to the authenticity + details that really make our clients fall in love with our pieces. Because when it comes to wedding rentals, that's just how we do things at Mi Vintage! If you love American Pickers, then you'll definitely enjoy reading this month's blog post! Get ready to go BTS of my vintage + architectural salvage picking road trip in Texas. I'll also share Three Tips for planning the perfect (and most economic) road trip, in case you get inspired to plan your own. Last, but certainly not least, the most exciting part, our "Midwest Mid-Century" collection reveal inspired by this road trip!

Road tripping is one of my favorite things to do, in fact, that's how MV's very first sofa was found! Every year, I take a road trip to a different state in the US and go "picking" for unique pieces. This year, an IG filter decided my state. Or should I say the state chose me? Because Texas literally had the perfect inspirational landscapes & vibe this mid-century collection needed! Here's the IG video!

On the way through Texas, we had to stop by one my bucket list places: Magnolia at The Silos owned by Chip & Joanna Gaines, the power couple behind "Fixer Upper". I absolutely love this HGTV show, their style & just them as a couple! To say I was fan-girling is an understatement!

The trip was funner thanks to these two crazies. To my left, we have Arnold, my SO and MV's muscle + craft-master extraordinaire. To my right, we have Tiff, my vintage soul sista + MV's client relation & sales director. It was truly an amazing experience! Check out our video recap on IG!

Now to the good stuff, saving money $$$! When planning a picking trip, you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. This way, you have more money left for the actual finds!


1. BE FLEXIBLE WITH THE DATE  Picking a good priced flight is tricky. Sometimes its double the price traveling from Friday-Monday versus Thursday-Tuesday, for example, so being flexible with your dates definitely saves you money! Select different date combinations so you see the price difference and choose the best one for you!

2. SEARCH SURROUNDING AIRPORTS If I want to visit a city but the ticket is too pricey, I book the closest (and cheapest) location around, sometimes its only a difference of 30-60 min, and drive to my desired city destination. I always rent a car or truck to get around either way so I don't mind driving to save $. Plus, I always find really cool places to explore along the way. After all, traveling is about the journey, not the destination. Also, when road-tripping, I usually start in one city and end at another, so I search the cheapest one-way flight combinations & purchase them individually. I've saved $300+ with flight combos. 

3. HAVE A TRAVEL PLAN FOR YOUR NEW FRIENDS (FINDS) For some trips, I’ve rented a pickup truck to commute around the city and shipped the items using a logistics company. I've also rented a storage unit or trailer to store the pieces temporarily. Before the trip date arrives, I get quotes from different companies and read their reviews. I rather pay more for a reputable company than try a newer, cheaper, company. After all the hard work it takes to find these treasures, I can't just trust anyone to safely transport my new babies back. I also ask how far in advance I need to reserve their services. Some require at least 1-week reservation, others only 24 hours. Since I have to be flexible during these trips, I tend to choose the company requiring minimal time in advance, but again, with good reviews. Prices are constantly changing so I get new quotes each year. Other trips, I've rented a box truck & drive down, like I did in Texas. I prefer Enterprise & Uhaul but their rates vary by state, so I always get a new quote & pick the cheapest.

Finally, what you've been waiting for! The reason you scrolled to the end and why this trip even happened! After 4 months of hard work & an (almost) end of the world later, I am proud to present our Midwest Mid-Century collection! Hope you love it as much as I loved curating it for you!

Like what you see? There's more where this came from! Click here to see the rest of the Inventory!

Since this style is new to Miami, and our clients are extremely visual, we've designed several lounge pairings using a combination of our pieces to give you an idea on how these can be used!

Guess What?! We're officially having our first Open House since the pandemic happened. Join us on June 17-18! We'll have limited appts available & masks will be required for entry! No walk-ins allowed so make sure to RSVP. Interested in visiting us?! We'd love to have you over! RSVP here!


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