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Our Story

Mi Vintage Rentals began in 2013 inside a humble storage room which quickly multiplied to two, then three; until it grew big enough for us to fill our very first warehouse! Today, Mi Vintage Rentals has a 5,000 square foot showroom offering high quality wedding and event rentals in South Florida! 



Welcome to a new chapter at Mi Vintage Rentals! As we step into this vibrant phase of growth and innovation, I’m excited to unveil how we’re evolving to enhance your experience. I’m Carolina, the Creative Director, and together with the same dedicated team, we are eager to guide you through this journey of creativity and style.


At Mi Vintage Rentals, our passion extends beyond curating spaces; it’s about crafting experiences. We pride ourselves on diversity, offering an eclectic range of pieces, catering to the unique styles and stories of our clients. Our aim is to ensure every event reflects the individuality of those celebrating, whether it’s a chic wedding, a lavish birthday, or a styled corporate event. 


But don’t just take my word for it. Our reviews speak volumes, filled with love stories and celebrations that Mi Vintage Rentals has been honored to be a part of over the last decade. Ready to see how we can transform your event? Visit our website, browse our collection, and let’s start planning your dream event today. Mi Vintage Rentals is here to turn your vision into reality, with a touch of magic y mucho mucho amor. 

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Born and raised in Miami, FL, with over 10 years of experience in hospitality and insurance, my journey into the event rental business was inspired by a passion for designing spaces while remodeling my home. I’m here to shake things up and infuse every occasion with character and style. 


As a little girl, I would design clothes on big sheets of yellow legal pads; pages and pages of shoes, handbags, and all your wardrobe needs. Joining Mi Vintage, I hope to rekindle that creative spark by bringing your visions to life. Best believe, I will be in the woodshop adding a personal touch to our pieces. 


After graduating high school, I decided to run a family-owned insurance agency where I eventually became Vice President, all while serving as Chief Financial Officer at a catering company. In 2022, I completed my studies at Florida International University with a degree in Political Science and Global Cyber Security. 


I love being hands-on and will gladly install a new light fixture in my home or install a dishwasher if I need to.  My can-do spirit is just a testament to all that I’ve accomplished and proof that women can do all things! 




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